Panthers Unveil New Uniforms!

It's finally here everybody! The Florida Panthers unveiled their new Rbk EDGE jerseys tonight at the Year of the Rat Alumni Game. A generous reader pointed this image out to me so I'm posting it to share with everybody.

My initial reaction is very positive. These are sharp-looking uniforms with a great color scheme. I think I almost like the red sleeves better than a red sweater for the home duds, by the way.

These two images give us different views of the uniforms. The one to the left is a little out of focus (hey, better than nothing, right?) but you can get an idea of how they look on the players at least. Like I said, I like them. I think if anything they're an improvement on what they were wearing.

I'm still dying to see what the Lightning will be wearing this fall.

Big thanks to jrzman for pointing us to the original photos! You can find links to the original message board posts below in the comments if you're interested. When the team or the press make official photos available, I'll have them here as well to perhaps offer an even better look. What are your feelings?

UPDATE (11:49 PM): Nothing major, just got home from work and saw the Florida Panthers had a photo up on their web site of Nathan Horton and Stephen Weiss in the new Rbk EDGE jerseys.

They really do look good and that panther on the front is bigger than I've ever seen it. Now we know what dynamic meant.