Wild vs Blue Jackets


The Aesthetics
These are the league's two youngest teams, part of the most recent expansion. As far as aesthetics, this is one of the most difficult matches to judge. This incarnation of the Blue Jackets is simply the best ever devised. At the same time The Wild logo is pretty awesome. Some may not necessarily agree, but they really have to want it to see it. I don't know who to choose. I'm tempted to flip a coin. But since I can't do that, I'm going with the Blue Jackets for reasons unknown.
Blue Jackets

The Nickname
A Blue Jacket should know his way around the Wild, but if he were to face a bear, I don't know that he could necessarily hold his own.

The Analysis
A clever forest scene of Minnesota versus an Ohio flag wrapped around a silver star. How do you decide? Somebody really knew what they were doing when they designed these. However, while the Wild logo could befit any forest-laden locale, the Blue Jackets logo is very specific to Ohio. My love for the Wild logo will have to be overtaken. I'm sorry to say.
Blue Jackets