Avs, Blues Jersey Concepts

Just when you thought I'd posted enough fake jersey designs for one day, oh no, just you wait. First we'll have a look at something that was put together for the Colorado Avalanche.

If you can look past the poor design quality, well, there's not much to this that rings of goodness. It's certainly interesting to look at, but Avs fans shouldn't worry about this. From what we've heard, there won't be any changes to the logo or uniforms — just an adaptation to the new Rbk EDGE style.

Now here's a look at a St. Louis Blues concept design.

I'm not real keen on the color scheme, but hey, it's not my team. As far as design, it's simple and rather close to what they currently wear. Although we haven't heard anything specific from the team regarding an unveiling of the new uniforms, I wouldn't expect to see anything much different from what they currently wear.