Islanders vs Rangers


The Aesthetics
You've been waiting for it. The big New York showdown. And how fitting for Independence Day. (Yeah, actually I don't know what relevance that has either.) First off, both logos break the cardinal rule of spelling out the name. On the upside, the Islanders logo at least does it a bit more artfully. The problem I have is the hockey stick and puck. As for the other one, blandness thy name is Rangers. Seriously, two words. Lady. Liberty.

The Nickname
You know frankly, there's no reason an Islander couldn't also be a Ranger. Conundrum. But for argument's sake, we'll say they're two separate dudes — in a straight-up fistfight. Fishing net versus tranq gun. I think we all know who gets capped in this one.

The Analysis
So we're even going into this category, but if you've been reading long enough, you already know where I'm going. The Rangers logo makes no attempt at recognizing its home city — unless you want to say the shield itself has an extremely subtle NY in it. Personally, I don't. With Long Island making an appearance in the Islanders logo, I have to send the point their way for the modicum of effort. (First victory for the Isles in the tourney.)