Blackhawks vs Coyotes


The Aesthetics
Looking at these two logos side-by-side, the Coyotes logo is much cleaner. There's a lot going on in the Blackhawks logo, half of which I don't understand. There also isn't a clearly defined color scheme in this logo. There's no question what the Coyotes colors are. An easy point.

The Nickname
Coyotes beware when Chief Blackhawk is wielding a tomahawk.

The Analysis
What I like about both logos is their ability to just be symbols of their teams. Though I suppose a lay person might thing Indians when they see the Blackhawks logo, the designers got a tough assignment with the name itself. I really hope one day the Blackhawks update their logo, though. Even if its just something they where on their shoulder. I don't dislike the Indian head, but would prefer something cleaner and more defined the color category. I say all this so that you know this isn't a throwaway point. They could've gotten it. However, the Coyotes have already done those things. Remember the team's original logo the year they moved to Phoenix? They've come a long way. And the colors say desert and that's what I mean by representation of the home town.