Mull Over These, Sens Fans

We've already seen the purported new Ottawa Senators logo yet we haven't heard word one from the team with regard to this matter. No worry, because where there's image manipulation software, there's hockey fans to use it. Enter this.

I'm sorry, but what a mish-mash. I applaud the effort but, um... yeah. There's sure a lot going on. And hey, they make use of that new logo we've been seeing. On the shoulder, though, this fan opted for the striped old-time Ottawa logo. Speaking of stripes, how about this puppy?

The vertical stripes make it look like a European soccer jersey to me. However, I do like what this designer chose to do with the logo. He dropped the black pointy things from behind the galea and gave the logo an overall 3D effect. For a look at a cleaner version, sans the stripes, see the image below.

Impressions, Sens fans? Do you guys like the potential new logo? Or do you prefer the proposed design in the bottom two concept sketches? Or would you rather not see it change at all?