Nothing Official From Canucks Today?

Damn. As it turns out, the Vancouver Canucks are supposedly having a private shoot today with the new Rbk EDGE jerseys. Yeah, not so much with the public unveiling thing. However, there's another alleged leak.

Saw it on the Canucks official message board. They're calling it a cell phone photo of the new jersey but you know how these things go. With it, one fan apparently finished off what could be the look which you can see in the graphic below.

I don't know now. I'm reading dates like mid to late August for the team's official announcement. I don't know if they team has said anything specific about a date, but I have seen August 29. I'm not holding my breath, though. So it probably won't be in the sidebar countdown — until we do get some sort of confirmation.

Shame about that. Though I can't say I'm surprised. The Canucks seem to be yanking their fans around quite a bit on this topic. I think they should just unveil the thing and be done with it.