Sabres, Pens Concept Art

The campaign against the slug trudges on as I can't hit a single Buffalo Sabres fan site or forum without reading the words "death to the slug" somewhere within. That in mind, I stumbled across a few concepts traditional fans should be all right with, barring an all-out return to the 1970s.

If you think the logo looks familiar, look no further than the old red third jersey. Personally, as a non-Sabres fan, I was always of the opinion that the crossed swords would make an excellent primary logo for that team. It could permanently relegate the buffalo to the shoulder where it belongs. Of course that's coming from a Lightning fan

Our designer also came up with an alternate uniform to go with these two. I'm afraid it goes a little overboard with the stripes though. I think we've past the point where it might've looked aesthetically pleasing. As far as the colors, I don't think the blue looks that bad. I think the current blue is a little darker than it needs to be.

Any thoughts, Sabres fans? I know you hate the slug. Is this the way to go? How do you feel now about the red-black-silver days of the late '90s?

Also, I just thought I'd throw in this nugget. One fan came up with this concept for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Check out that penguin! That one, I'm afraid of. I'm pretty sure it's culled from a minor league logo and it's a little cartoony.

Penguins fans, would this be a travesty? Would it be that bad to make a return to the old '90s penguin? Should I stop bothering you and deal with the one you've got?

Feel free to leave your opinions below, all. And remember, if you've come across any designs I haven't posted or have any of your own you'd like to share, you can submit them to