Mailbag: New Sens Logo On CIPO Site

Got some interesting emails from a reader regarding the new look of the Ottawa Senators. He emailed me links to pages on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office web site showing what appears to be the new primary and secondary logos of the Sens.

According to the CIPO, this is the primary logo:

It matches the "leaks" we've been seeing all along. You can link to the CIPO's page directly, here.

And apparently, this is the secondary logo:

This is the first time we're ever seeing this logo. Like I said, the guy who emailed me says this will be the secondary mark. Expect it to be unveiled along with the new primary and Rbk EDGE jerseys on August 22 at Scotiabank Place.

You can link to the page directly, here.

Sorry they're only black and white, but this is what I have to offer. What do you guys think?

By the way, huge thanks to Greg on the awesome find!

UPDATE (4:36 PM): In case anyone was wondering, here's how these two logos might look with a little color splashed on.