Thrashers Uniform News

I'm a little behind the curve on this one. The Blueland Blog at the Atlanta Thrashers' official web site posted news on the new uniforms last week. Have a read.

August 7, 2007

New Uniform News

Ben Wright
Blueland Blog

First off- my apologies for the lack of posting lately. Things have been pretty quiet on the Thrashers front, and I was on vacation. I'm back though and hopefully things will pick up soon. On to a bit of uni news.

Plenty of people seem to be wondering what the new Reebok Edge Thrashers uniforms are going to look like and multiple people have asked me when they're going to be unveiled.

Well, I have some answers, but no pictures. Despite rumors to the contrary there are no major changes planned for the uniforms. Naturally they're going to look a bit different to keep them in line with the league-wide look being rolled out by Reebok, but the logo, colors and general design are staying the same. Some of the trim and accents will change but it's not a uniform overhaul.

So when do you get to see the new threads for yourself? During training camp, which begins in mid-September (on the 13th I think, but I'll have to confirm that).

So stay patient and relax. There are no secret plots to do away the blue uniforms.

There you have it, Thrashers fans — semi-official news on your team's new uniforms. Anyone who was worried about big changes may now have their minds put at ease.

Big thanks to Mike for emailing in this information. I'm going to go ahead and place September 13 in the sidebar countdown. If the date changes, I'll update the countdown to match.