Islanders Unveil New Uniforms!

Today, the New York Islanders made their new Rbk EDGE uniforms official. We got a first look from Newsday yesterday.

Here is Isles goalie Rick DiPietro donning the blue home threads for the cameras.

We've also got Brendan Witt posing in the jersey alongside a surf board. I'm not really sure what I should be looking at here. Jersey or surf board? That reminds me, did any of you watch "John From Cincinnati" on HBO this summer? I know it's not hockey related but the surf board reminded me. Weird show but it was awesome.

Anyway, moving right along here. If you needed a reminder of what the road jersey looks like. See left.

By the way, I'm adding these photos and more to the great big Rbk EDGE uniform photo gallery. If you've got any photos that I don't that warrant being in this gallery, feel free to send them along. The more the merrier, I always say.

Finally, huge thanks to all the people who sent in pictures and links to me. You guys are awesome and you're why this site works so well! Thank you!