Mailbag: Very Sharp Sabres, Oilers Concepts

Since I've started soliciting jersey concepts from readers, I've gotten a lot. Really. A lot. But sometimes I get designs that really stand out from the rest. Today, I'm sharing a couple of those.

Let's start with the Buffalo Sabres. Some fans were ecstatic over the idea of returning to the traditional blue and gold. They were then left horrified by the "Buffaslug" (I just love writing that). With all that in mind, one talented fan artist came up with an idea that works the past back into the present. Have a look for yourself.

I think it's really cool. The crest logo seems a little busy to me. I think the crossed sabres overlapping the blue circle would be fine. I'm not necessarily sure it needs the buffalo in it — especially with the buffalo logo on the shoulder. What do you think? Is it just because I'm not from Buffalo?

Then we also have a very interesting idea for the Edmonton Oilers. Check out Ryan Smyth in some orange.

Wow. That is orange. Very orange.

But after staring at it for a while, it's started to grow on me. What I really like are the silver accents, especially the silver circle around the Oilers logo crest. It's a very sharp color combination and it would certainly stand out on the ice.

Though just for the heck of it, I'd be curious to see what a blue jersey would look like in that same design.

What do you guys think? I'm sure our very talented artists would love your feedback, good or bad.