Canucks Logo Leaked Via Stickers?

Apolgies for the late posts today. Went to the movies this afternoon. Superbad was hilarious.

I got emailed a photo claiming to be that of sticker produced by the Vancouver Canucks bearing the alleged new logo. I should clarify. The sticker wasn't claiming anything so much as the sender of the email. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:

For a better look at it, I was also sent this rendering of the logo. I really like it better with the green, but who am I to say, really? The question is what do you guys think? Is the blue/black/silver combo too Lightning? (It is for me.) Do you like it better than the blue/maroon/silver combo of the last decade?

I also want to be clear on the fact that I can't vouch for the veracity of this photo. Just know that it was something emailed to me and that the Canucks will supposedly make their official announcement regarding new uniforms and logos on August 29. We'll all be watching and waiting.