Hey, Canada! Part 4

You know, one of the things I hate about living in Florida is that an occurrence like the one that arose yesterday in Canada would never happen here. Right there in the first block of the 6:00 news, CBC reported on what fans might expect for the new Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms.

First, let me be clear in saying that this is neither a leak nor an official unveiling by the team. This is a concept produced by good people of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, acting on information they'd received about what the Leafs' new Rbk EDGE jerseys might look like.

Look at that! A news reporter holding a picture of a speculative hockey jersey. I have a special dislike for Florida. Those vertical stripes you see going up the sides are silver, by the way.

In case you wanted one more look at the uniform design they came up with, I offer this. It better shows the thin vertical stripes going up and down the sleeves.

It's really something. I need to make a trip up to Canada one of these days. Just to bask in the hockey fever. It's not very contagious around these parts.

So now you should be able to understand my plight and why I spent the whole day today taking a pretend trip across the Great White North. You guys up there, you don't know how lucky you are. (Or maybe you do.)

Before I forget: Leafs fans, what do you think of these developments? Do you like these designs or does the team need to go in the horizontal stripe direction of the Bruins and Red Wings?