Musing On Minnesota

With the Minnesota Wild releasing a teaser photo yesterday and the official unveiling date of their new Rbk EDGE uniforms, it's gotten the wheels turning within the graphically-inclined among you.

A widely held belief based on that image is that the Wild jerseys will closely resemble those unveiled by the New York Islanders recently. Here's the image I'm speaking of.

Colors aside, the basic design seems to match the Isles so far as we can see. Here's what one fan came up with.

I can't really lodge a complaint over that. I've always like the Wild's jerseys — green, white or red. These would be especially nice though. For another look, a reader recolored an Isles jersey for us.

Also pretty cool if you ask me. Now I'm asking you — Wild fans, especially. Are these the way to go? Would they make the Wild one of the NHL's best-dressed teams? Or do they leave you more or less indifferent?

UPDATE (4:10 PM): Our friend Lucas who came up with the concept based off of the Islanders new Rbk EDGE jersey, sent in a road version of the jersey. See what you think.