New Source For Bolts Logo Leak?

The Tampa Bay Lightning's new logo may have been leaked back in July but we'll obviously find out tomorrow whether that's true or not. Reaffirming that belief are these photos of a new hat.

The team has responded to the original leak by saying that it's close but not quite how the new logos will look. That seems to be confirmed by the secondary logo seen on the brim of the hat. You'll notice the blue Florida outline is missing. Makes it a very dull logo, doesn't it?

Anyway, I'll save my commentary on the new logo for when it becomes official. And that will be tomorrow. It pains me, but I will not be able to show up for the event. As you know the Lightning are my team and I had planned on attending and shooting my own photos and video to post here as "exclusive content." But unfortunately, my plans have changed. I'll be here and posting images. Sad for me, but good for you guys.

To any Lightning fans reading, I'd be more than grateful to you if you could send in photos and/or video since I can't be there myself.

Until then, you know I always have concept art up my sleeve. I came across these long ago but just realized I have yet to post them on this site.

These are from two separate design sets, but both feature redesigned logos. I don't care for the first one, but I could live with the second.

Any thoughts? Be sure to check back tomorrow. The Lightning are scheduled to unveil the new logos and threads at noon. I'll have photos as soon as they're available.