Just To Freak You Out, Part 1 of 5

Today I'm starting a weeklong feature I hope you all will enjoy. As the title implies, the images I post here are meant to freak you out a bit so don't be surprised if you see the weird and wacky in what follows.

I've gotta kick it off with this photo because it's what gave me the idea for this series.

This photo comes from a bored fan at a Vancouver Canucks message board. Talk about identity crisis. How about those colors? Black, silver and neon green. Don't miss the recolored flying skate logo on the shoulder and the neon green Johnny Canuck on the side of Roberto Luongo's helmet. Stunning. Absolutely marvelous.

It gets better.

Now speaking as a Lightning fan, I can honestly say that is one color scheme I would have never dreamed up. It's not a horrible design on its own, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to recognize Vinny, Marty and Brad underneath all that... whatever it is.

But let's not stop there.

Sabres fans, have you ever considered going with a blue and gold goathead for your primary logo?

Part of me wants to think someone was just trying to prove how silly a yellow buffalo would look (see the current "Buffaslug" logo). But the part of me that attempts the use of logic fears someone honestly considered that to be a decent option.

Take me now!

If none of that has given you nightmares, then I'm not doing my job. Read on.

Friends, you won't believe the scariest thing about this beast. It's real. This sweater — if we can call it that without sullying the name of actual hockey sweaters everywhere — was actually produced for the St. Louis Blues. I'm not kidding. Surnames and numbers were stitched onto it. But with thanks to the holiest of gods, it was never actually worn during an NHL game.

Mike Keenan may have made some bad decisions in his life, but his refusal to allow his team to wear this monstrosity in 1996 is not among them. Can you imagine? Blues fans, you dodged a bullet and you will forever be in Keenan's debt. And do not ever forget that!

All right, now it's your turn. What do you guys think of these designs? Comment below.

I'll have more crazy designs all week. And as always, if you've seen any crazy designs or have some of your own, I'd love to see them. Email me at nhllogos@gmail.com.