Reminder: Big Day For Canucks Fans

Just a reminder that tomorrow the Vancouver Canucks unveil their new uniforms. Hopefully once that happens, I'll be able to go more than a day without posting Canucks concepts.

Here's what we're expecting: The new uniforms will likely don the orca logo in the traditional colors of blue and green. Some evidence has suggested green will be a uniform color but not found in the logo itself. We've also heard the old stick-in-the-rink logo may be a secondary mark — a shoulder patch. And there's also the possibility that the orca logo will feature different colors for the home and road sweaters (like the Calgary Flames, for example). Nothing is confirmed and it all remains to be seen, of course.

Fans will first set their gazes upon these new sweaters at 12:30 PM — which is 3:30 PM my time as I'm on the east coast. As has happened in the past, as soon as photos surface on cyberspace, I'll do my very best to have them right here for you.

Also, if you haven't voted on the Sharks vs Canucks poll in the tournament, I'll be changing the logo over to the new color scheme just as soon as I can. So you might want to hold your vote until we see what the new logo looks like.

Good luck, Canucks fans! I hope your day turns out as well as mine did. I was really happy with the new Bolts jerseys. Hopefully you'll be thrilled with yours.