Something To Circle In

My headlines seem to be getting more and more obscure. I guess there's only so many times you can say "New Concept Art For [insert team name here]" before going out of your mind. Whatever. I'll roll with it.

Anyway, the team to insert now is the San Jose Sharks. They unveiled their new logo just over a month ago but left us wondering what the jerseys would look like. Just one more thing to ponder this off-season. As expected, I have concept art to share.

First up is my personal favorite. If the Sharks wore something like this, they'd be among the sharpest-looking teams in the new Rbk EDGE jerseys. Boston's got some game so don't get too worked up. But these I like. The horizontal striping and traditional look totally clashes with the new-fangled, curvy-line logo but I don't know. I still like it.

This uniform set is based in large part off of the Panthers' new sweaters. I like them, but not as much as the ones above. And I really think those elbow stripes need to go all the way around the sleeve to work right. Still, not too shabby.

Nor is this. But I think this design takes most of its cues from what the Sharks have been wearing the last few years. I really did like the silver, but the orange works too. This design needs a black accent though, I think. It's very, very teal. Very teal. With some teal on it.

But before you go thinking that's all I have to offer, Sharks fans, wait until you see this. The addition of orange to the primary team colors has met a somewhat mixed response. Though to be honest, I have heard anyone love it so much that they'd want to see a jersey like this.

My eyes, my eyes! What a work of art. I'll tell you what makes me like it a little bit — the big shield logo on the shoulders. First of all, I like big shoulder logos. Second of all, I like that shield logo the Sharks came up with. So it's got a lot going for it in my opinion. Unfortunately, too much orange, not enough teal might well spell disaster.

Now I'm done. Take me to task with your comments.

For those who still haven't worked it out: Sharks circle their prey in the water. Get it? Something to circle in? No? Okay. It was a long shot anyway.