Bruins vs Devils


The Aesthetics
I was going to make a comment about how both of these logos have circles for primary elements. But what's wrong with circles, anyway? They've long made for great logos worldwide in every aspect. Anyway, they each also have letters inside their circles. Though, here's where I think I'd be more impressed if the "B" formed some sort of bruin since the "NJ" manages to form a devil. Good stuff.

The Nickname
Devil, all-powerful, et cetera. Bruin, itty-bitty bear in comparison. Fire, brimstone, hell, move on. Stupid Satan. Go ahead, smite me with your pitchfork! (Okay, that's enough.)

The Analysis
I don't know what it is that makes the Bruins logo stand out so much. Maybe its the thick black lines over yellow. Not that the Devils logo has nothing to offer. This is a tough one. But I have yet to actual mention this so I'm going to take this opportunity. It's been pointed out to me that the spokes behind the "B" form a wheel, a hub if you will. And why is this significant? In fact, Oliver Wendell Holmes referred to the State House in Boston as the "hub of the solar system." Long story short: It stuck. And here we are. The Hub of Hockey. End of the road for the Devils, by the way. Count 'em up.