Thrashers Fan Artwork

Get excited, Thrashers fans! You asked for it yesterday and some among you responded. I reader linked me to the following designs for a new Atlanta Thrashers jersey. Keep in mind they are only concepts and as far as I know, no change in logo is being contemplated at this time by the team.

How about them apples? It's certainly a unique take on branding for the Thrash. The designer certainly took "Blueland" and ran with it. He dropped the maroon altogether. They're sharp designs but I don't think there's really anything wrong with the current uniforms.

But if that wasn't enough for you, he also came up with an alternate jersey design, as seen below.

I really just think the color combination and jersey design of the current home uniforms work so much better. These are cool, but more like something I'd expect to see on the backs of a minor league club — that's certainly no offense at all. Still, Thrashers fans, we finally have something new for you to look at. What do you think? Go? No go?

UPDATE (8/6 5:30 PM): Good news for those of you who liked these Thrasher designs. I found better quality images. You can click on the images to enlarge them. These are the same jerseys posted above.

I also found graphics with a better look at the logo designs. If anyone else is seeing the Baltimore Ravens resemblance, I'm with you. It's a great set of logos, though. And any team would be lucky to wear them.

The second graphic features logos the designer created but ultimately did not use for this concept. They're all very sharp though with a very nice and clean color scheme. Thrashers fans, do you like these? Or do you prefer what your team wears right now?