A Bunch Of Concept Logos

I get a lot of emails with concept jerseys but most of them make use of the team's actual logo. But sometimes people send in new ideas for logos. That's what this post is about.

We're going to kick things off with the Buffalo Sabres. Lots of complaints have been lodged over the Sabres' new logo. There is even an entire site dedicated to the subject. Just as interesting is the now-famous design of John Slabyk. His work is nothing short of brilliant. But then someone emailed me this. And it rivals Slabyk's work on a different level.

The logo is very abstract but very unique because of it. The colors are a bit muted and I think that is actually a plus. But I feel like this is a very sharp logo. I'm curious to know what you all think of it. Please comment.

But that's not all. You probably know by now I'm not a huge fan of the Detroit Red Wings logo. I get the whole tradition/Original Six thing, but all right already. The Bruins are an original and their logos kick ass. They do. I'm not necessarily saying this is the answer for the Wings, but here's an idea.

I think the addition of black to the color scheme adds a lot to the uniform. The monochromatic red/white combo rubs me the wrong way — though I completely associate it with a scary good team. A little change never hurt anyone (except for the Islanders in the mid-'90s).

While still on the topic of the NHL's mainstays, you also probably know I'm not terribly keen on the Toronto Maple Leafs' logo. People like to say stuff like, "you don't mess with tradition" and the Leafs logo has been around forever. But the fact is, while the Leafs have been around forever, the current incarnation of logo has only existed since the 1970s. Anyway, what do you make of this?

I like the incorporation of the CN Tower, but I think this is more worthy of a secondary logo. I could see it as a shoulder patch, but not a primary for the Leafs. Thoughts?

Next we have the New York Islanders. I'm always talking about how a lighthouse would serve as a good logo element for the Islanders. Here's a rather simplistic version of that idea.

One of the most controversial notions I hold is the idea that the Chicago Blackhawks do not, in fact, have the best logo in all of professional sports. (Stop throwing rocks at me.) Here's what someone came up with to alter the Hawks' logo.

I see the differences and they make sense, but for my money, it's a lateral move. No better, no worse. Anybody else have an opinion on the logo?

One day I'd like to hear a real explanation as for why people think this logo is one of the best out there. There are too many colors in it and it's just so jumbled. A lot of you guys say simplicity rules all. That doesn't apply here. If you can educate me, leave a comment. I read them all.