Stars vs Oilers


The Aesthetics
All right, so both of these logos feature the team name as a main element, I'm sorry to say. The Oilers name appears to take up more of the logo than anything else but the the Stars logo also has the city name on it. Which is worse? A single drop of oil is meant to graphically symbolize the Oilers so we'll go with the Stars logo since it at least has a giant star on it.

The Nickname
Remember that giant ball of fire. Imagine a Star coming in contact with an oil pit. All of the Oilers would be toast. Or, incinerated, rather.

The Analysis
I thought the Stars logo looked great on all the Stanley Cup champion merchandise back in 1999. It's been a while since we've seen the Oilers logo on that stuff. All right, cheap shot. I apologize. I think despite its tradition, the Oilers might be better served by something like the logo they've been wearing on their third jersey. That was very sharp. The Stars should never ever reconsider their third jersey logo. I recently read where someone called it a "mooterus" which had me laughing out loud for a moment. Sweep for the Stars.