Fan-Created Canucks, Isles Jersey Designs

I know I've sort of been beating a dead horse with these two teams, but I've got a couple more fan concepts for the Vancouver Canucks and New York Islanders. These Canucks uniforms seem to be based off of speculation regarding the new sweaters that we have yet to see. Word on the street is Vancouver is keeping the orca logo but reverting it to the traditional blue and green colors.

Supposedly, the new Canucks jerseys will be officially unveiled later this month. But with no official date from the team at this time, it's difficult to say when we'll actually see them. And from what I understand Vancouver fans everywhere are on pins and needles waiting for word. (Guys, as soon as I know, you'll know.)

Then, from the same artist is this uniform set for the Isles. It appears to be based off that alleged cell phone photo that is now everywhere.

I'm still on the fence about it. It could work, but I think simpler is better in this case.

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