Oilers vs Ducks


The Aesthetics
Lately it seems like all the good logos are facing off. Today, it's a couple of the worst. With barely 11 points between the two of them and only three more days left in the tournament, I think that is fair to say. The Ducks logo is a word mark, nothing more. To some extent, so is the Oilers logo, but at least there's a little more to it. They'll squeak by with this point.

The Nickname
We've all seen what happens when Ducks and Oil get together. Not a pretty sight.

The Analysis
You've got to give credit to the Ducks on the rebranding campaign this season. They're like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Change a goofy logo, win a championship. The major difference being, the Bucs have a cool logo. The Ducks lack that, though I am a fan of the webbed duck foot in the form of a "D." The Oilers logo, after 20 plus years just still saddens me. I like the red trip and copper in for orange, but it's just not enough. I'm giving this point to the Ducks in hopes they drop the "ANAHEIM UCKS" in the coming season. For now, the Oilers put the lame Ducks out of their misery. Only 17 teams left with matches in the next few days.