Coyotes vs Oilers


The Aesthetics
The howling coyote actually gives us something to look at. Is the oil drop at the top of circle meant to be the focal point of the Oilers logo? If not, all that's left is the text and you know how that irks me. Don't you? Notch another one for the desert dogs.

The Nickname
An Oiler is probably a rather rugged fellow. I don't he'd find any need to worry about a little Coyote. Face to face, I think he could take it. Don't ask me how.

The Analysis
There are things that bother about the Coyotes logo, small things like the fact that the ear is seen more easily than the eye. The Oilers logo is strong, solid and classic. I imagine it will be one of those that sticks around forever despite the fact that I think it could use an upgrade or two. But who am I to say? It may come as a surprise to you all, but overall, I think it's better than the Coyotes. Oh, and that does it for the Oilers schedule. When next you see them, you'll be placing a vote.