Stars Drop Clues To Invitees

All right, I take it back. One more post and then I'm going to bed. Turns out the Dallas Stars have sent out invitations for their new uniform unveiling ceremony to season ticket holders. The invites drop some subtle hints as to what we might expect for the new uniforms.

First off, let me give a nod to snlsmith at The Goalie Store message board. I snagged this information from his original post.

The inside apparently states the number 1 reason as being, "It's a great excuse to throw a party." It also indicates the event will be held Friday, September 14 at American Airlines Center and the uniform unveiling will happen at 6:02 PM.

This all is according to the post I referenced above.

The number 10 reason listed on the mailer seems to indicate that the black jerseys we've been seeing with "DALLAS" plastered across the front are more than likely the real deal. Sadly. What I'm saying is, prepare to see the Stars unveil something very similar to this on Friday.

Any Stars fans out there? Are you worried? Are you excited? Indifferent? Tell us in the comments. Good night!