EA Unlocks Unreleased Jerseys?

Got several emails today about EA Sports' NHL 08 which was released this week. We kept hearing an unlock code would be provided for the new Rbk EDGE uniforms.

Apparently, that code was released today, supposedly unlocking all of the uniforms in the game. Here to the left you can see the unlock code available at official Rbk EDGE web site.

I've seen screen grabs for only a handful of team jerseys so I don't know that they're necessarily all available at this point. (Someone correct me if needed.)

The teams I've seen via stills from email and around the web are the Thrashers, Sharks, Coyotes, Stars, Oilers, Blackhawks, and Blues. And while they are from video games (which you know I'm opposed to), I'll post a few here just for fun. I'm still going to wait for teams to show off the uniforms themselves to count it as an "official" unveiling.

Many Thrashers fans may be happy to see the "ATLANTA" retained on the left sleeve of the home jersey. Of course, I'm just guessing it's there since we can't actually see it.

The Blues and Sharks sweaters look nice — if not like they've been swapped. I like the sholders of the Blues sweater and the striping on the Sharks.

And the conservatives among you will probably like the fact that nothing much has changed for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Just remember that while there's no reason to doubt the designs here are accurate, I won't call them "official" until we see it from the team or the league. That's just how I roll.

Thanks for all the emails on the subject, everybody! I'll try and get some more images up later on.

UPDATE (12:36 PM): Here's a great photo gallery featuring all the new AHL and NHL sweaters. Enjoy!