Early Photos Of New Blues Jersey!

Courtesy of my friends over at The Checking Line, we have photographs of replicas of the St. Louis Blues' new Rbk EDGE uniforms. The actual unveiling by the team will come tomorrow at FANfest.

The new jerseys look sharp! I'm a huge fan of the shoulders. I wouldn't be surprised if the Blues make off with one of the best new Reebok designs here. Quite impressive.

Keep in mind that these images are replicas and not authentics so if the material doesn't look quite right, that's why. But as for the overall design, expect to see just that on the authentics.

We'll likely see Blues players modeling them at FANfest tomorrow. I'll have pictures posted from that event when I can.

Here's the back of the road sweater. I think the nameplate and the numbers are a little too close together here but that may have to do with the fact that's it's a replica.

Overall, I like it. And if I were the kind of person who could reconcile giving money to a team other than my Lightning, I might actually buy the home sweater. What do you guys think?