EDGE Unis Get Official Web Site

Reebok has relaunched their Rbk EDGE Uniform System web site to now feature photos of all 60 new NHL sweaters alongside renderings from EA Sports' NHL 08.

You can visit the site by going to www.rbkedgeuniform.com. And that spells the official end of the Rbk EDGE releases. I hope you all will continue to visit the site for the logo tournaments as well as the concept art which is returning in full force this week.

That reminds me. Remember the "Just To Freak You Out" series I ran for a short time that you all seemed to enjoy so much. It's coming back as a weekly feature starting this Friday — assuming we have enough content to warrant it every week.

Anyway, enjoy that site and keep checking my Rbk EDGE photo gallery for new pictures of these uniforms in action during the preseason.