In Response

Sometimes when I post concept art, I'll make suggestions here or there that speak merely to my own personal preferences. It's cool that every once in a while, someone listens to my suggestions and gives them a shot.

Yesterday, I posted an Anaheim Ducks design I thought was pretty cool, suggesting that instead of gold, the alternate jersey in the set might be better suited for orange. Well today in my email I find that someone gave me what I asked for.

I guess it just proves that some of you out there are actually reading what I write. And I appreciate that.

Then, just last week I posted a neat logo concept somebody came up with for the New Jersey Devils. I suggested that it needed something behind it to tie it together better. Then I was emailed this shortly after.

Looks a lot better if you ask me.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to thank you guys for reading and show you that I do in fact read all my email. By the way, if you've ever written to me and are still awaiting for a response, chances are my feeble memory has forgotten. Just keep bugging me. You can get a hold of me at