What's Up With The Rangers?

A reader noted in the comments on an earlier post something interesting with regard to the New York Rangers new Rbk EDGE uniforms.

I was noting that the New York Rangers were the only team in the league which doesn't have images of its new uniforms available online in the NHL.com Shop or any other site that is selling the new Reebok jerseys. Then this official Reebok site came out and it had the first official photos.

Suddenly, as Gabe pointed out, those phoos disappeared from the site and were replaced by a "coming soon" graphic.

What's stranger is that way back when the Rangers first began taking orders back in July, photos were posted on their web site. Within hours, the photos were removed. Now this.

Luckily, I was able to grab both images before they mysteriously went away, so we've all been able to see them. But I'm just curious as to the reasoning behind these decisions. As Gabe mentioned, are the Rangers planning some big unveiling ceremony they have yet to announce? And if so, for what reason? The jerseys, much like Detroit's remain entirely unchanged — merely adapted to the new EDGE cut.

Regardless, we'll find out for certain what the deal is no later than Friday, as that is the night of the Rangers' first preseason game and they'll surely be wearing them. I'll keep on top of this if anybody is interested. And if you hear or read anything, do let me know, either by email or in the comments of this post.