BIG NEWS! Vote On The Minor Leagues!

Hi everybody! As you may know, I've had plans in the works to set up a site where we can hold tournaments for other hockey leagues such as the AHL and ECHL. Well the wheels are in motion. Introducting the Tournament of Hockey Logos!

I'm launching it officially tomorrow, but you can get your first look at it today and vote on which league will get the first tournament. Check out the link below.

Check out the Tournament of Hockey Logos!

The first logo tournament to be held at ToHL will be either the AHL or ECHL but it will be up to you guys to decide which. The other reason I'm announcing this site today is that I want you guys to help me to start generating interest in the site with fans of other hockey leagues. Post the link on blogs, message boards, or wherever you think would be suitable.

As far as differences between the two sites, you probably won't find as much content there as you will here. I'm more of an NHL fan personally, and I'll take all the help I can get with the minor leagues. You'll also notice that the layout and design is similar but for some changed colors and fonts.

Hopefully the Tournament of Hockey Logos will be as big a hit as this site has been. Thanks to all of you for your support and feel free to post any suggestions or comments here or over there at ToHL!