Prepping For The Pens' Unveiling

As we ready ourselves to see the new Pittsburgh Penguins uniforms, I have concepts to post. This first one is based loosely off of the alleged leaked images we got a glimpse of back in July.

Strangely enough, the photos we saw — which may or may not have any validity — did not have the gold '90s logo on the shoulders. Will the Pens be getting rid of it entirely? The team has already said to expect a new "special" patch on the new jerseys. A lot of Pittsburgh folks are theorizing that it will be a 40th anniversary logo. That makes perfect sense to me.

I'm not expecting to see anything much different from those photos. For a refresher:

By the way, I was emailed a very cool concept design for the Pens.

Yeah. So whenever someone asks you what a "fierce" penguin looks like, show them this image. In fact, show them this image when they want to know what a fierce logo looks like. Check out the pecs on that bird. That penguin scares the bejesus out of me. Pens fans, I'd like to know what you think of that. Do you prefer your penguin or one more like this?

Anyway, enjoy your day. Like I said, I'll have photos up as soon as I can.

UPDATE (4:10 PM): You can read more about the event tonight in an article I posted last week. Enjoy!