Wings Prospects Wearing EDGE?

It seems that the members of the Detroit Red Wings at the Prospects Tournament in Traverse City, Michigan are wearing the new Rbk EDGE jersey. has a great photo gallery up from Friday. I recommend taking a look.

You can see Thrashers and Lightning players in a couple of the photos but they appear to be wearing last year's sweaters.

If I get permission from the photographer, I'll post some of the pictures here in case the link ever goes away.

UPDATE (9:03 AM): I've been given permission to repost some of the photos so check these out. They were taken by Sarah Lindenau for

From the previous photos we'd seen of the road sweaters, it wasn't clear if the sleeve element would remain the same. Seems it will. You'll also notice the "A" on the right shoulder for the alternate captain in this photo. Here's another for your viewing pleasure.

Huge thanks to from me! I should point out, too, that the folks at are not confirming that these are Rbk EDGE jerseys, but I believe they are. The collar and tight fit lead me to this assumption. Just wanted to put that out there.

Incidentally, there's a gallery of photos taken yesterday also available here.