NBC, Update Your Graphics!

The second period of the Winter Classic has just begun and as a live television director, I have to take issue with some of what's been going on during the NBC telecast. For one thing, the graphics are out of date!

This site is dedicated to NHL logos so naturally my biggest nitpick has to do with said logos in broadcast graphics.

I photographed my TV screen earlier this afternoon to demonstrate my point. Of the 16 logos seen on this particular graphic, a quarter of them are WRONG! From left to right, the Sharks, Blue Jackets, Bruins and Lightning all got new logos this season. NBC apparently opted to ignore that fact and just use last year's graphics.

NBC, update your damn graphics!

The abominations only continue but for the sake of sparing you guys, I won't go on about it. But just know that I'm very disappointed in the disrespect of American network television toward an obviously huge moment in the sport of hockey.

End rant.