NHLToL: Quest For The Worst

It's a big day here at NHLToL. First, I'm introducing the new logo tournament which will be starting soon.


There's currently a video at the top of the page so you can learn which logos made the cut for this competition which will crown the worst logo in the history of the NHL.

You might also notice that the graphics in the video don't quite match the graphics on the site here. I'm considering a design overhaul for the site. You can see the rough idea I've come up with in the preview below. It's very much a work in progress at this moment so don't expect to see it any time soon.

Just wanted to keep you guys posted on what's going on here. I welcome any comments or criticisms. Thanks for continuing to visit the blog!

UPDATE (1/9 5:21 PM): As you may have noticed the video I referred to in this post can no longer be found at the top of the page. Instead, I've moved it here to the bottom of this post for posterity. Enjoy!