Canucks Third Jersey LEAKED!

Yes, it's true! I have it for you right here on Icethetics. The Vancouver Canucks' third jersey for the 2008-09 season has leaked!

Have a look for yourself. It's got the updated stick-in-the-rink logo as well as the new Johnny Canuck "V" logo on the shoulders.

I'm thrilled about that Johnny Canuck logo making its way onto a jersey. I think it's such a great design. Also interesting to note about this jersey is the complete lack of the orca logo. It's similar in overall design to their current home and road sweaters expect for the the striping pattern. The colors are the same.

It's important to note that this is not an official image. The Canucks have yet to make any sort of announcement regarding their third jersey. This is merely what's believed to be a leaked photo of it.