Blackhawks Third Jersey Leaks Too!

Seems like the leaks are flowing like water this year — unlike last when the Rbk EDGE first rolled out. First it was the Lightning and Flyers last week. Then the Canucks just last night.

Now, we have our first look at the Chicago Blackhawks' third jersey.

This alternate sweater had the least amount of suspense and buzz about it considering there was no change from what the Hawks wore prior to the EDGE era. The black jersey was simply adapted to the EDGE style.

Right down to the shoulder patch.

These images were provided on a message board called The 300 Level by a user named gusev. There are more images available there if you're interested.

Again, this is not an official unveiling. These are leaked images of the jersey. It's my understanding the sweater will make its on-ice debut on November 3 when the Blackhawks face the Avalanche in Chicago. I wouldn't expect any sort of unveiling ceremony or event. It'll probably just show up that night in the game.