AHL Third Jersey Update, Part 3

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In my continuing effort to expand Icethetics beyond the NHL, I have a few more tidbits on third jerseys in the American Hockey League — with a nod to my buddy Mike for helping out with the research. We'll start in Binghamton.

This is kind of a funny story actually. I first reported on the B-Sens last month when an interest not-so-new logo cropped up. Did some investigating and determined it was a one-time deal a couple years ago.

Now that story's changing. Could that logo be on the new third jersey for the Binghamton Senators?

Mike, who shot this picture, tells me he's "seen it in photos on a black third jersey. But [it] looks like they have made the switch from the 'big chin' logo to that third logo on their away jerseys. I'm not sure about there home ones."

So this is a case where I'm not sure whether we're looking at a third jersey or a new logo on a regular dark jersey. Sorry to leave this one so open ended.

The Rockford IceHogs are taking the lead from their NHL affiliate, the Chicago Blackhawks, for their new third jersey. And by taking the lead, I mean copying almost exactly.

Here it is, in all its pork chop glory.

Shoulder patches are different though. Guess the Indian head just wouldn't go with the whole look. Pig gnawing on a hockey stick, etc.

Finally, the Lake Erie Monsters will allegedly have a black alternate sweater this season. No pictures at this point, though. But Mike's on the case.

He writes, "I was on the message boards for the Lake Erie Monsters. I came across a thread about their thirds for the upcoming year. Two people on there said that a photo was passed around and described it a little. It’s not too informative but I was looking around and then I remembered the Avs' Rbk [EDGE] jersey. It seems to fit the bill. So I made this concept based on the Avs' jersey. I think it looks sweet in black."

So there you have it. And as always, should any more news come my way, I will continue to use Icethetics as a proper dispersal device.

By the way, my apologies on the lack of updates the last two days. I've just been absolutely slammed with other work. But not to worry, I have big plans for Icethetics and a big change is coming. I know Icethetics has only existed for four months (technically), but it's about to get so much better. Even I'm excited about it! I can't wait to tell you all about it.