Coyotes Third Jersey Leaked!

The leaks just keep coming. Now we're getting our first glimpse at the new third jersey for the Phoenix Coyotes. I revealed the leaked image during tonight's Live Chat but not before first giving readers a 30-minute history lesson on the uniforms of the Coyotes franchise.

We went all the way back to 1972 and the Winnipeg Jets. But I won't bother with that here. If you're interested in it, check out the replay of the Live Chat. But first, here's the picture.

Just like we suspected, it's got the previously leaked logos featuring the leaping coyote and the coyote paw.

It's also got an unusual striping pattern around the sleeves which I'll have to see on a player before I form any opinions about. But otherwise, I think it looks great. The black works. It's got a clean, simple look and fits in well with the Coyotes home and road sweaters. And that's really all you can ask for.

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