AHL Third Jersey Update, Part 4

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More AHL third jersey news to share tonight, beginning with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. They've apparently got new white third jerseys with the orange tiger on the front.

And I have a picture.

For reference, Bridgeport's regular home jersey is orange while their road sweater is blue.

The other team I'm reporting on is the Chicago Wolves. But they're kind of an enigma. From the photos I found, it looks like they've been using this white third jersey since last season.

If any Wolves fans are reading, maybe you can fill us in. Were the Wolves actually the first to sport a third jersey in the Rbk EDGE era?

And what's all this with white third jerseys? The regular white jersey for Chicago has the primary logo on the front instead of the text.

As always, if you've got a tip on AHL third jerseys, email me and I'll be happy to post it.