Flashback '98: The Next Round

We're now 13 days into the Flashback '98 Logo Tournament and things are just starting to get interesting. With the preliminary round complete, we've determined each team's best logo. The first poll for the next round goes up tomorrow.

If you need a refresher, here are the 27 logos that have made it into the bracket.

The bracket will be posted tomorrow along with the first poll. Some interesting things to note here. In three instances, the secondary logo was picked over the primary and in three other instances, the third jersey logo was selected.

I'm intrigued by the voters' choice to take Buffalo's secondary. Apparently a lot of folks disapprove of the "goat head" logo. Carolina doesn't surprise me what with all the recent hubbub over the Canes' new third jersey and, well, the Kings use that as their primary logo now for a reason.

As for the Rangers, Senators and Maple Leafs, each of which will enter third jersey crests into this competition, it's no surprise. The Lady Liberty logo is by far the best thing the Rangers have ever worn. The Sens logo here was the breeding ground for their current primary and the Leafs — people like vintage.

The first match-up of the tournament will feature the Oilers and the Avalanche.