News From The Northeast

For the record, I mean Northeast more as a geographical identifier than a division of the NHL because I'm starting with the Philadelphia Flyers.

You see, the Flyers sent out invitations to season ticket holders to their Meet The Team! event which takes place on Tuesday, November 18. Attendees are being offered the first opportunity to order the new orange third jersey. And on the invite are front and back pictures of the sweater.

One reader was nice enough to scan it and share it us. You'll note it includes the exact same images leaked by Icethetics last month.

Sorry about the watermark. It's there for security reasons. Thanks to Kevin for sending this in!

The Boston Bruins' new third jersey recently turned up on the back of a fan at a game at TD Banknorth Garden.

Why is this news? For one thing, the B's have yet to unveil their new third jersey let alone put it on sale. In fact, the unveiling isn't for another two weeks, at which point I would expect it to officially go on sale.

Jeff shot this blurry picture to the left and posted an account of how this man came to have it on his blog. Sounds like it has a lot to do with nepotism. What doesn't?

He also adds a mini-rant against the design of this sweater. And while I don't have the strong feelings he does, I do feel the Bruins dropped the ball. I'm not saying the yellow '90s third jersey was the best ever made, but it stood out and was very identifiable.

This is just another black jersey with a retro-looking logo on the front.

My last item of the morning involves the Buffalo Sabres. It appears that managing parter Larry Quinn has been publicly discussing the possibility of a full time return to the classic logo (seen to the left) for the club's 40th anniversary in 2010-11.

A post on Sabres Not Slugs quotes two message board comments regarding a recent radio interview with Quinn by WGR 550 SportsRadio. He was asked what the future might hold if the new third jerseys were well-received.

It was also suggested that the current primary logo might be relegated to third jersey status at that time. You can't get rid of it that easily.

What's not clear is whether this would be a permanent change beginning in 2010 or if the Sabres would simply adopt the classic sweaters for the 40th anniversary season only and then switch back to the current uniforms the following year.

So that's all for this morning. Hope it satisfies your itch for jersey news.