Canucks Unveil Third Jersey!

The Vancouver Canucks unveiled their third jersey tonight. However, it came as no surprise to any regular Icethetics readers. I first leaked a picture of this jersey last month on the old blog. It was all but confirmed a couple of weeks ago when new pictures surfaced.

It's now been proven accurate by the Canucks' official unveiling tonight at the Sports Celebrities Festival in Vancouver. Roberto Luongo, Mattias Ohlund, Willie Mitchell and Ryan Kesler were on hand at the event to model the new sweaters.


Love that Johnny Canuck logo on the shoulders. A hundred years from now, no one will remember the identity crisis of this franchise's early years. My crystal ball tells me that simple icon will come to symbolize everything about this team. In time.

For a better look at the whale-less imagery representing the club on the new sweater, take a look at this.

As part of the unveiling process, the team posted this very nostalgic and sentimental video online. Rather reminiscent of what the Oilers did when they unveiled their third jersey last month. I'm a sucker for stuff like this.

To the writer, well done!

You can read more about the new third jersey on the Canucks' official web site.

Many more images will be available soon in the Canucks' photo gallery, available through Third Jersey Central.