Kings Third Jersey Leaked!

During the Live Chat tonight, readers were treated to a leaked image of the new alternate sweater of the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings will officially unveil their third jersey on Saturday night against the Avalanche, but you can have a sneak peek right now.

As with both the Sharks and Senators leaks released in the past two days, the image quality is lacking, but you get the idea of what the sweater will look like. It's black with the new banner-shaped logo on the front. Broad white stripes wrap around the elbows and thin white piping runs from the collar to the wrist.

There may be some silver in the sweater but it's not easy to make out in this grainy scan. The numbering and lettering appears to be the same as what's used on the home and road jerseys.

This is one of those jerseys that I have no doubt will look stellar once it's on a hockey player. A lousy quality scan doesn't really do it justice. I think we'll be pleasantly surprised with what we see on Saturday.

If any of our talented artists would like to take a stab at creating a graphic that enhances what we're seeing here, I'd be thrilled to add it as a follow-up to this post. Having said that, I do have one to share with you right now that I think comes pretty close.

This image uses the template but I'm not sure it was created by those folks.

I think one thing we're seeing with the new third jerseys is that simplicity makes for a killer uniform. Go with something classic yet edgy so it doesn't feel like we're going back to the Stone Age every time somebody wants to try out a throwback. Vintage is good. So is the 21st century.

Keep in mind that the Kings will officially show off their new duds this Saturday, November 22 when they take the ice against the Colorado Avalanche.

By the way, our final third jersey leak Live Chat will take place Tuesday morning at 11 AM. You'll get to see the Stars' new third jersey just shortly before it gets officially unveiled. Be here!