Team Canada Needs A New Logo

The International Olympic Committee doesn't allow national sports federation logos from team uniforms at the Olympics but now they're getting down to business and enforcing the rule. This means Team Canada won't be able to use this symbol in 2010 in Vancouver.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

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This has led numerous people to email in suggesting that we hold our own contest here at Icethetics to design a new logo for Team Canada — and by extention, other countries around the world. However, this isn't really a factor for most other countries.

It sounds to me like the IOC is trying to reduce the commercial element from what was originally meant to be an event featuring amateur athletes. Corporate sponsorship is one thing, but branding a national team doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

Still, I'm up for it. If you guys want to create new logos and uniforms for Team Canada, Team USA, even Team Lithuania, I'll set up a page to display them (I can do that with a web site now, you see).