Around The League

The Pittsburgh Penguins will be unveiling their new third jersey tonight. Keep an eye on their web site around 6 PM. I'm assuming they'll post pictures right away. And as soon as they do, I'll update Icethetics.

Speaking of the Pens, I don't know if any of you have seen Zack and Miri Make A Porno yet, but Kevin Smith delivers a brief uniform history for the team.

In the first scene, you see Elizabeth Banks wearing nothing but last year's blue Winter Classic sweater. Seth Rogen has a 1991-92 Stanley Cup championship banner hanging on his wall. And later in the movie, a couple of punk kids are wearing a couple of vintage sweaters. One is wearing the black Mario Lemieux-era jersey (from when they won the Cup) while the other has a 1970s-era blue and white one.

So that was kind of cool if you're a Pittsburgh fan — or if you just like hockey jerseys.

According to Damian Cristodero of the St. Pete Times, goalie Mike Smith will be changing his mask on a monthly basis. He said specifically he'll wear a special Christmas-themed mask next month.

"I think it's a great idea for goalies around the league," he said. "The artists are willing to do it and goaltenders have fun with different masks."

Cristodero writes, "The current mask commemorates Veterans' Day and Canada's Remembrance Day. Both are celebrated Tuesday. The United States flag and army boots are on one side. The Canadian flag is on the other. All 30 NHL logos adorn the brow."

So that's kind of cool. However, this constant mask-changing will sure make things tricky when it comes time to do the 2009 Goalie Mask Tournament. Maybe we'll just have a hold a single poll of all his masks from this season in a preliminary round.

I added some new, better pictures to the Chicago Blackhawks' third jersey photo gallery. I've done this with all the teams and will continue to do so whenever they wear their new alternate sweaters.

So make sure Third Jersey Central is one of your regular stops. I think it's easily the best feature of this new site.

One last thing. I've been getting a few Team Canada rebrands. Once I get the Concepts section of the site up and running, I'll build a gallery so you guys check them all out. And feel free to submit your own.