Kings Back In Black?

The Los Angeles Kings sent out an email to fans previewing tonight's game against the Blues. The reason this is relevant to Icethetics is a link at the bottom of the email. The Kings are offering their new yet-unreleased third jersey for pre-sale on their web site.

And the ad reads "Back in Black." Hmm, where have we heard that before?

What irks me is whether at team whose primary jersey is black can actually say they're "back" in black? Back from where? Last night? But I digress.

There it is right at the bottom. It links to this page.

So Kings fans, go and shell out some cash for a jersey you can't even see yet! It's what all the kids are doing!

Thanks to Kyle for sending this in.

By the way guys, my apologies for the complete lack of attention I've paid to Icethetics today. I plan to have the Flashback '98 tournament back up and running tonight (a VOTE! link will appear at the top of the page) and you can expect the IceHL Central Division logo voting to go live at some point tomorrow. I was out most of the day buying a new car. And it's Lightning blue!