Time To Vote!

Voting has now resumed for the Flashback '98 Logo Tournament. You can access the polls from the Vote! tab at the top of the page. Or by clicking here. Also, the IceHL logo ratings for the Central Division has begun. You can access that section from the IceHL tab above or by clicking here.

The rating period for the IceHL's Pacific Division teams has ended. I'm hoping to have polls posted tonight for the Top 3 rated logos for each team. There were questions earlier regarding how a tie will be settled. There were no ties as far as the ratings go. I have precise numbers for each team which I will reveal when the polls are ready.

However, in advance of that I would like to congratulate Sigma Kappa (ALA), JFRED (CAL), Roccot (POR), Tone Loc Productions (SEA) and Eddie Ray Design (VAN) for having the top-rated logos for each team. Let's see if your work will hold up and become the official identities for these teams.

More to follow tonight.